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Monday, 2019-12-09
  • Dictionary is da only place where death comes before life,
    success before work, & divorce before marriage.
    but the Best part is Friend comes before relatives 

  • Child Donkey: Mum with whom shall I play, every donkey is busy.
    Mother Donkey: Don't worry son, see here, 
    this donkey will be free after reading this SMS.

  • Husband asks, do you know the meaning of WIFE. 
    It means… Without Information fighting every time! WIFE says No, 
    it means - With Idiot For Ever

  • What's the difference between stress, tension and panic? 
    Stress is when wife is pregnant,
    Tension is when girlfriend is pregnant, 
    Panic is when both are pregnant.

  • GALILEO: great mind
    EINSTEIN: genius mind 
    NEWTON: extraordinary mind 
    BILL GATES brilliant mind
    ME: master mind 
    YOU: oh! never mind

  • I have a confession to make ever since 
    I met u its been hard for me to 4get u every night 
    I see u in my dreams and find myself shouting GHOST GHOST !!!

  • Some times small things in life hurt a lot..... 
    If u don't agree with me....
    Then >>>> 
    Try to sit on a Common Pin !!

  • To live this life i need a heart beat,
    to have a heart beat i need a heart to have a heart i need hapines and to have hapiness i need u

  • Wrote your name on the sands.....
    It got washed away,
    i wrote your name in air....
    It got blown away,so i write your name in my heart...
    I got heart attack!!!

  • Hey listen...... 
    Two people were asking Me about you, 
    I give them ur address And cell no
    They will b visiting u soon,
    Their names r joy n happiness.

  • Height of fashion?
    Dhoti wid zip.
    Height of secrecy? 
    Blank visiting card.
    Height of stupidity?
    Looking thru a keyhole of glass door. 
    Height of honesty? 
    Pregnant woman purchases 1 & a half ticket.
    Height of de-hydration?
    A cow giving milk powder. 
    Height of timewasting?
    U reading the whole msg

  • Friendship is the rainbow between 2 hearts sharing of 7 colors. 
    Take Care n Have a nice day:-)

  • A 992 i n0279q biquT2 2m2 pni992 .2iHT 9>IiI (use mirror to read) 
    pls dnt erase! its really interesting

  • I miss "STARS" sTARs think i m serious bUt i m joking! 
    I miss "MOON" m00n thinks i m serious bUt im joking!
    I miss "U" U think i m joking but i m serious!

  • Medicines and friendship cure our problems.
    The only difference is that, Friendship don't have an expiry date

  • Today is Donald Duck's birthday ....
    So wish him by sending this sms to every cartoon you know. 
    Just like I did by sending this sms to you...

  • I'd love to take u out 4 dinner, 
    make u sit beside the candle light, 
    shower u with roses and utter those 3 magical words 
    in ur ear "PAY THE BILL

  • Once Upon a Time,
    Something happened to me.
    It was the sweetest thing that ever could be. 
    It was a fantasy,
    a dream come true it was the day I met you.

  • Love is like a cloud... 
    love is like a dream... 
    love is 1 word and everything in between... 
    love is a fairytale come true... 
    Coz I found love when I found U

  • Roses are red, violets are blue, 
    I was born beautiful, but what the hell happened to you?

  • Girls are like phones,
    we like to be held and talked too, 
    but if you press the wrong button you'll be disconnected! 

  • We will now upgrade your brain,
    please wait....
    still searching.... 
    sorry, NO BRAIN found...!

  • This sms can only be read by someone SMART,
    try again, again, maybe you are..
    just not smart??
    one more time.
    hey don't force it ugly!!!

  • WIFE : Worries Invited For Ever

  • Doctor : A person who cures the ills by pills, and kills by his bills.

  • Hello I am a virus and I am entering your brain right now... 
    Sorry I am leaving now, I can't find a brain

  • A million words would not bring you back,
    I know,
    because I've tried.
    Neither would a million tears. 
    I know, because I've cried.

  • Minds are like Parachutes. They work best when open

  • If I could rearrange the alphabet, I'd put U and I together

  • Aim for the stars. But first, aim for their bodyguards

  • ALGEBRA: A weapon of math destruction

  • Why were males created before females?
    Because you always need a rough draft before the final copy

  • This dog, is dog, a dog, good dog, way dog, to dog, keep dog, an dog, idiot dog, busy dog, for dog, 20 dog, seconds dog! ... Now read without the word dog.

  • All day I thought of you....
    I was at the zoo. 
    CNN News. 
    Bush orders 15,000 FBI trained dogs to track down Osama.
    FBI awaiting further orders as one of the dogs is reading this

  • Calling you an idiot would be an insult to all the stupid people.

  • Hi there, I'm a human being! What are you?

  • Brains aren't everything. In fact in your case they're nothing

  • Always draw a circle around the ones you love,
    never draw a heart because hearts can be broken,
    but circles are never ending.

  • Memories last forever, they simply never die, 
    true friends stay together - 
    they NEVER say good-bye.

  • God made man and then rested.
    God made women and then no one rested

  • I believe in Angels, the ones that Heaven sends.
    Each day I tell those Angels, you are my best of friends.

  • Friendships multiply joys and divide grief.

  • If you need advice, text me... 
    if you need a friend, call me ... 
    if you need me, come to me... 
    if you need money........ SUBSCRIBER CANNOT BE REACHED!

  • Marriage is a three ring circus: an engagement ring, a wedding ring, and suffering

  • A successful man is one who makes more money than his wife can spend.

  • What is the thinnest book in the world? What Men Know About Women

  • What's the quietest place in the world? The complaint department at the parachute packing plant

  • News: 3 Chimps escaped from the zoo... 
    1 was caught watching tv... 
    another playing football and 
    the third one was caught reading this txt message

  • 2 dost salo k bad mile
    Pta chala dono ki sadi ho gai he
    Santa-kesi he teri BB
    Banta-swarg ki apsra he.
    Or teri?
    Santa-meri to abhi jinda he.

  • "Dont accept other's defination of life."
    Its ur life define it urself, 
    the way u love it and the way u want 
    it to be.

    Remember it.
  • What is bravery?

    Coming home late night on friend's bike..& mom waiting outside with 
    "jhaadu" to beat you

    & you ask "Hi Mom still cleaning house"?, . . .;-)

  • " ye kitabo ki duniya samajte samajte zindgi nikl jyegi,
    theory k concept me life ki eqn. bigad jayegi,
    sochate he nikal ayenge kitabo ki duniya se,
    par itna pata he ki inhi kitabo se 1 deen zindagi JДППДT me badal jayegi".

  • Film "LOOT LE INDIA"
    Hero: Manmohan Singh.
    Heroine: Soniya Gandhi.
    Side Hero : Raja
    Villian : BJP
    Script by: Karunanidhi.
    Guest Appearance: Rahul Gandhi.
    Comedy: Sharad Powar
    Supporting Actor: Suresh Kalmadi.
    Choreography: Sheila Dixit.
    Action: Mamta Benerji,
    Music By: Nira Radia.
    Audience : 100 cr Indians !!!

  • 2 frnds siting on hil top-a and b..
    a-if I say u 2 jump down,will u?
    b-yes I wil.
    b-bcoz I knw u will catch my hand n pul me up.
    a-if I dnt then
    b- dn i'll die wid belif that my frnd tried his best but he cudn't.
    Frndshp is not about doing something but about belive sum1.

  • 1 ladke ne exam sheet par POTTY krke teacher k haath me thama diya.
    Ye kya kiya tumne ?
    Madam apne hi kaha tha,
    Jo aa raha hai wahi karo..

  • Nokar - Sir,apke kisi best friend ka phone aya tha.
    Sahab - Tuje kese pata chala ki mera best friend he.
    Nokar - Vo keh raha tha ki kamine ko phone de.
    Akhir ek dost sacha rup jan sakta he na.

  • A Drink Decreases 5 min of life & A Smile Increases
    10 min of life.....
    MORAL from this:"Ek Hasta hua Sharabi kabhi nahi marta".
    Keep Smiling

  • "I do not care wen u disturb me...
    But I get disturbed wen u don't disturb me.!"

  • Character for styly sms:

  • Always welcome ur problems...
    Because problems gives U dual advice..
    One, U can know how to solve that, other 
    how to avoid it in future

  • Arrange Marriage:-
    2,00,000 Shadi Pr. 
    4,00,000 jewellary pr

    Shadi ki Rasmo Pr,
    Shadi k 3 Dino Ka Kharcha,

    Yani Shadi k 1 Din ka Kharcha
    1 Ghante Ka
    1 Minute ka

    Tauba Tauba. :-/
    Love Marriage::-*
    100 Rupye Ka Stamp
    20 Notery
    50 Varmaala
    10 Photo k.
    Total 180 Rs.

    Paisa apka
    pasand apki
    Faisla apka

    ..jago graahak jago...
    1847 Ka Famous SmS





    Tab mobile tha kya Jo sms hoga?

    Tum log b na
    Sms dekha nhi ki mobile me Angutha marne lag jate ho

  • 88 ARB
    66 KROD
    37 LAKH
    09 HJAR 
    44 RUPYE....


  • __
    A dairy milk chocolate specially deliverd to you.
    Sorry,Thodi si kha li hai. 
    Happy Chocolate Day....

  • "If u wait for happy moments, U will wait forever..
    But if u start believing that u r happy,
    u will be happy forever.
    "Wish u tons of happiness!"

  • "Luck is not in your hands.But decision is in your hands"
    ur decision can make luck But Luck can't make your decision"
    So always trust urself than ur luck..

  • Zindagi me khushi unhe nahi milti,
    jo apni sharto par jindagi jite he.
    balki unhe milti h, 
    jo dusro ki khushi k liye jindagi ki sharto ko badal dete he....

    Mrs. & Mr. Sambar Chatni 
    Invites u 4 d wedding oftheir grandson MASALA DOSA (S/o. 
    Set dosa) weds PANI PURI (D/o. Bhel Puri)
    On 32-13-3000.
    DAHI VADA HALL, Samosa building, Chappathi road, (Opp.Noodles 
    Rasagulla Nagar,
    Biryani Post,
    Pulav Taluk,
    Hallwa Dist,
    So dont miss it ok...

  • Umeed Ki Kasti Ko koi Duba Nhi skta
    Roshni K Diye Ko Koi Bujha Nhi sktahamari
    Dosti To TAJMAHEL Ki Tarh He
    Jise Koi DuSra BaNa Nhi skta....

  • Everybody Tells:
    "Mistake Is D 1st Step Of Success"
    But It Is Not True
    "The Correction Of Mistake"
    Is The 1st Step Of Success..

  • NightBlog: In 1969,
    IDBI Rejected Loan for Ambani
    Now, he is Planning to Buy IDBI
    SBI Rejected Loan for Me.!

  • Ur precious love has
    turned my life completely around,
    I feel lik Im wlaking but
    my feet dont seem 2 touch d ground.

  • Life is Beautiful
    -One Day
    -One Hour
    -One Minute.
    It's not come again!
    So plz
    -Avoid Fight
    -Avoid Angry

  • ''Marriage is 
    a romantic story, 
    in which the 
    hero dies 
    in the 

  • -A 4 acchi Ni8!
    B 4 beautiful Nt!
    C 4 cheerful Nt!
    D 4 dreamy Nt!
    E 4 Evergreen Nt!
    F 4 fantastic Nt!
    G 4 Ab ye bi hum hi bataynge
    ki G 4 Good Nt...

  • Na wo sapna dekho jo tut jaye
    Na wo hath thamo jo chhut jaye
    Mat aane do kisiko itna karib ke
    uske dur jane se insan khud se ruth jaye.

  • Negative thinking is as important as creative thinking...
    Coz if Creative thinking invents Aeroplane,
    Then Negative thinking invents Parachute..! :-)

  • Most people refuse 2 understand d secret code of success 
    which is simple: 
    just try 1 more time in a different way..

    What is d colour of freqency?
    Frequency= 1/Time
    that means 1/sec & 
    1sec=ek pal.
    So, 1/pal=per pal. 
    So,its PURPLE!!
    Einstien k baap h hum...

  • ON 3-3-2011
    All India
    Vodafone 2 vodafone,
    Rim 2 Rim,
    Airtel 2 Airtel,
    Tata 2 Tata &
    Bsnl 2 Bsnl
    Totally free





    4 Missed call purpose..:-D

  • Papa Bole-Beta Kbhi Na Karna Shaadi,
    Yeh H Jeevan Ki Barbadi..
    Beta Bola-Papa Mai Bhi Farz Nibhaunga,
    Apne Bachcho Ko B Yehi Samjhaunga.!

  • Pregnant sardarni ne pet par I.S.I. mark laga rakha tha...
    Doctor asked: ye ISI mark...

    she replied ISI means


  • Raabadi ask Lalu:Suniyeji 'Dahi Jamane' ko
    english me kya bolun?
    Lalu:Milk was sleepin in the Nightwa,
    early in the morning it bcom tightwa.!

  • RELIANCE ka palang, BSNL ka gadda, AIRTEL ka takiya, TATA ki rajai,uske ander Aap

    VODAFONE ka kutta.
    What an IDEA sir ji 

  • Tu free hoy to call karne yar
    Ek moti mis undrstnding thai gai 6.
    Mara papa tari jode vaat karva mange 6.

    A nathi manta k monkey pan vat kri sake 6...