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Tuesday, 2018-06-19
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OverKings is a new and exciting free MMORPG where fantasy meets legends and the legends become reality. Only the toughest and most clever heroes will be able to become rulers of this world. Choose your path, through magic, sheer brute force, agility and more. Enter epic adventures and defeat unforgettable enemies to become a true hero and be immortalized in every tale.
Make new friends in OverKings, battle fearless monsters or challenge other players, fulfill exciting quests and prove your worth. Pick your profession among the offer – will you be a politician, a smith, tailor, diplomat, assassin or just a robber? Enter dynamic fights in real-time with beautiful graphics and animations and explore a world with so much more to offer.
There are numerous quests for you to complete as you adventure through the world of Overkings. Quest givers will provide unique challenges for you to face that will take you to the ends of the earth. By completing quests and killing monsters, you will gain experience.
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